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dancing at the loft poster

Dancing at the Loft
Pastel by Penelope Grill

These people were all inspired by real Loft partiers. The couple at center is dancing an elegant and showy hustle. He's popular with the girls because he's the greatest dancer. They all wanted to take a spin around the dance floor with him. Behind them a dancer is wearing white baggy drawstring germ-warfare pants and Chinese slippers, a style favored by the most serious Loft dancers. Farther back on the dance floor a famous DJ from a competing dance club, is wearing flowing red garb and twirling in a frenzy to the music, while back at his club's turntables, a wanna-be dj spins for him.


"The Loft Beauty"
From a Japanese print, this lovely lady is reproduced on a white 100% cotton shirt.
The lady is holding her invitation to the Loft.





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